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Bakersfield Water Heater Repair

Heating unit on a rooftopEMCOR Services Hillcrest offers residential and light commercial clients in Bakersfield and the surrounding area the latest in heating equipment and technology.

Experts in Both Gas and Electric Heating 

We provide complete installation and maintenance solutions for both gas and electric heating systems. While both systems offer their own set of unique benefits, there are significant differences between the two, which clients should be aware of from the start. 

  • Gas driven heating: In most cases, gas installations are more expensive to put in place and have higher maintenance and repair costs. However, once installed correctly, clients frequently find that lower operational costs and utility savings make up for the price of the initial outlay.
  • Electrically driven heating: Electrical systems are typically cheaper to install, maintain, and repair. However, when in operation, they can push your utility charges up drastically—potentially eliminating any savings generated by lower up-front costs.

Our professional technicians provide free evaluations and can visit your home or facility at no cost, to help you determine which system is ideal for your needs. Plus, you can be confident in system quality as all of our installations are checked, verified, licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Our heating expertise includes:

  • Heat Pump Systems: These systems offer an energy efficient alternative to furnaces, as well as air conditioners, by transferring rather than generating heat. 
  • Package Units: This equipment is perfect for homes or buildings in need of a compact, all-in-one heating and air conditioning solution. 
  • Water Heaters: Our expertise includes diagnosis, repair, and installation services for a wide range of water heaters. 
    • Tankless Water Heaters: We also specialize in the latest tankless water heater technologies. These modern systems can help optimize your hot water supply and improve efficiency. 
  • Attic Insulation: When attics are properly insulated by trained professionals, it helps homes and buildings reduce heat loss and enhance overall HVAC efficiency. 

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Maintenance Program

For residential clients, a one-time standard service visit costs $130. If you sign up for our annual preventive maintenance program, we’ll perform two service visits a year—one in summer and one in winter—at a reduced rate of $97.50 for each. 

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